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Default Good communication is important

Being able to communicate effectively is a very important skill, especially when your being helped is a direct result of how well you communicate the problem. This is especially important in a medium such as this where you have to communicate entirely by writing.

Using terms like l33t and h4x0r or phrases like "r u" is childish and will not get you very far here. Many people will just skip right over questions like this and move on to the next. This means that you may not get the help you would have had you taken the time to state your question clearly.

Many of our members are not native English speakers and therefore will have an even more difficult time with that jargon than those who have English as their first language.

Use punctuation and capitalization properly. Don't write in ALL CAPS.
If you are unsure about spelling rules, use a spell checker before posting.

Make an effort to write real words in real sentences and you will be rewarded with real people trying to give you real help. This is not an instant messenger or a chat room. Take the time to effectively communicate and we will take the time to help you if we can.
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