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Exclamation Forum should come last

Before anyone on this forum can help you, you must first learn how to help yourself. Before you make a post you should ensure you have made sufficient effort in finding a solution by yourself. Initially, this should be rudimentary debugging, which is explained by Thinker here. Secondly, you should search what existing information resources there are, including, but not limited to:
  1. VB's own Object Browser (F2)
  2. Your own Microsoft Developer Network (MSDN) helpfiles (F1)
  3. Online MSDN articles (
  4. Online search engines (
  5. Forum search feature (
  6. Tutor's Corner, Code Library, FAQs at the top of each forum

Once you have exhausted each of these (and you should state so in your post so as not to appear lazy) you should consider posting. Bear in mind that while you may not have discovered the full solution to your issues, it is likely that you will have found something which will aid you. If so, mention it in your post. A disproportionately large number of the questions here can be answered by steps 1 and 2, and due to the long history of this forum, it is rare that a search does not yield some useful information.
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