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Exclamation Think about the subject line

The subject line is vital to drawing attention to your thread. Many contributors will skip over anything which does not indicate, even in a general sense, what areas of VB you are having trouble with. Since the subject line is limited in length, you must consider your wording carefully in order to provide as much information as possible. This means removing words/phrases such as help, having problems, doesnt work, can anyone, newbie, look here, need assistance and so on. The very fact that you are posting is indicative that you're having trouble with something, there's no need to waste subject line space by stating it. It sounds obvious, but don't waste space with excessive punctuation. One exclamation or question mark is enough! How about including an error description or number? Mention function/object/constant names! Maximise the space available to you. Here are some good subject lines encountered:
  • Web Browser Control - How do you keep from URL adding to history?
  • How can i create a Bitmap in memory without a windowed control?
  • Listview question - how to tell if an object has a parent?
  • How to extract data from a delimited file when data also contains the separator
  • What does :: mean?

And some not so good:
  • programmer in distress
  • 2 Build Errors
  • i know it's easy
  • Could ppl plz take a look at this code? (see also: l33t sp34k)
  • MSVBVM60.DLL error

Finally, a short note on threads labelled with URGENT, need help quick or something similar - we are not subject to your deadlines. Many contributors skip over such posts, since the poster must believe they are more entitled to help than someone else just because their project deadline looms, which is just plain rude. In short - stating that your timeframe is limited is more likely to be a hindrance than a help.
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