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Exclamation Encourage public posts - share the knowledge!

A forum is only useful if people can actually see what you are doing to rectify the problem. For a start, you should always post your question in a forum. Sending a private message to one or more perceived experts is counterproductive because it means fewer people will be able to view your question and respond. It also suggests that you feel you are entitled to the recipients undivided attention, which is exceedingly rude. The recipient may choose not to respond, and so your time is wasted, or they may simply request you to post the question publically, and so both their and your time is wasted. It is very rare for a badged member to answer questions posed to them privately.

Secondly, once you've posted your question publically, encourage public responses. Do not ask possible contributors to reply by email, IM, or any other medium. This is for your benefit as well as ours. It keeps the discussion entirely in one place so it is much easier to see how far you have come towards a solution, and it means the information shared will be accessible to any member with similar problems in future.
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