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Talking Avatar Maker: Images in Access

Attached is a little app that allows you to create avatars from a set of images stored in an Access database. I've also included an option to allow you to add more graphics if you like, or modify existing graphics.

I wrote this primarily to teach myself ADO.NET, and this will demonstrate how to store and retrieve both "standard" data and BLOB (binary) data from a database.

It still has some shortcomings. If you choose custom (non-websafe) colors and no background image, the transparency may not save correctly, and the dithering is far from ideal. However, I don't have the time at this point to delve into manipulating the color indices of GIF files, and it seemed that adding extensive code to do so would detract from the ADO.NET examples anyway. Also, it creates 75x75 avatars, the proper size for this site. If you wanted to use it for AIM/MSN buddy icons, or avatars for another site with different size restrictions, you'd probably want to tweak it to allow other sizes (and might need a whole new set of graphics for that).

The graphics there are what I could draw within the span of a week or so (plus the backgrounds from a free stock photography site, with some extensive editing), and it's not as complete a set as I would like. If I draw more at some point, I'll post them. If you draw some that you'd like included, PM me to inquire about it.

So feel free to use it as you like, improve on it, add your own graphics, have fun. Please PM me if you find bugs other than the issue mentioned above.
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