.NET Game Programming

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  1. GTA: Online
  2. loading array to ran access file
  3. Watch your vector Victor. :)
  4. Why so few posts?
  5. Efficient collision detection
  6. tic tac toe game using arrays, strings..
  7. Ai???
  8. Mastermind Problem
  9. moving objects in arrays question
  10. high score for a simple guessing game
  11. COMPLETELY random numbers
  12. Help with code
  13. Help with code
  14. DirectX books?
  15. Card games
  16. Game timer confusion...
  17. All the Pretty Lights..Driving me Nuts!
  18. Card games
  19. rpg game
  20. Help Needed- Passing Code Between Forms
  21. Need another method for transparencies
  22. Please Help New User
  23. Drawing Lines
  24. I'm looking for an example .
  25. Tutorials please?
  26. Passing Variable Problem
  27. Mouse Events
  28. Saving
  29. Basic newbie Question(dont look if easily annoyed! :P)
  30. KeyDown problems in .Net version
  31. Need help programming Pacman
  32. How does this not work!!!!!!
  33. HOw do you right this simpler
  34. Need urgent help with this game please!!
  35. Bitblt in VB.net
  36. Helicopter game problem
  37. Keydown event
  38. Creating Dynamic array of PictureBoxes
  39. Megaman Clone
  40. Variable and multiple form question
  41. Animation on time.
  42. Move from point A to point B in a straight line
  43. Saving
  44. Cards.dll behaving differently in .NET than VB6
  45. BlackJack, Keep track of Cards
  46. Help With Making "Boggle" Game
  47. Simultaneous Sounds
  48. Detecting the Mouse-Click
  49. Need help with my Map Editor
  50. Some simple questions
  51. Random Card Game
  52. BlackJack, Keep track of Cards
  53. Sound stoppage
  54. I need help with arrays
  55. overlapping pictureboxes
  56. Tank wars clone (newbie)
  57. Error Message
  58. Networked/ Client/Server games
  59. Just Started
  60. Help making a pong game
  61. Quick Question {sprites and maps - slow}
  62. My First Game (moving objects)
  63. Help in making a breakout style game
  64. doing pretty good so far... {place buttons randomly}
  65. Pixel Collision Detection
  66. Adding background music to a game
  67. Snake/nibbles-game
  68. Saving game
  69. Simple hangman program help
  70. Help with detecting intersection
  71. Add controls question
  72. Detecting where an object intersects another object
  73. I am new...very new, any help would be appreciated
  74. Tiling
  75. Starting simple maze program.
  76. tile redrawing
  77. Minesweeper in VB.Net
  78. Object Dragging for Board Games
  79. very small programming langauge in VB.NET
  80. need help on a little simple word attacking game
  81. Array of rectangles
  82. Animation in VB .NET! I finally upgraded...
  83. Scrolling map
  84. Zelda Like Map Movement
  85. Saving Buttons text?
  86. RPG Problem Please Help
  87. Game prototype
  88. Tiles - Suggestions on Methods to Set them Up
  89. Using BitBlt with vb.net
  90. Help With Arrays
  91. Map Movement in BitBlt
  92. GDI+ Pong Help
  93. Need help in cards game
  94. More collision detection questions
  95. Tile Based Mapping
  96. How to make a bouncing graphic in VB.net
  97. Sound Effects
  98. Tic Tac Toe Game
  99. following a track
  100. Drawing a viewable area on a larger map
  101. Even more collision detection problems
  102. System timer havoc
  103. Two of a kind? (card game)
  104. Eye Of The Beholder game ALIKE
  105. Collision Detection With GDI+
  106. Help with counters for a board game
  107. Please take a look and offer any help. :)
  108. Why does it start out smaller?
  109. Random Card Genarator
  110. Button Array Events in Tic Tac Toe
  111. Creating a scrollable map, with hexes - Suggestions
  112. With Referal to Iceplug's Quick Example of a Tile Based Map
  113. Rotate a object(picture)
  114. Using a graphics object in another class
  115. A scrolling map - advice please
  116. game Tutorials
  117. Handling graphics...
  118. KeyPress Event
  119. Game
  120. Please Read! Tile-based game
  121. Help - Space invaders
  122. Game Help pls
  123. Simple ball running across screen ?
  124. need help with selecting sprite with mouse!
  125. map
  126. Scripting Dialogue? How do I approach this?
  127. GUI Practicality
  128. moving between forms
  129. Playing movies within VB program
  130. Healthbar problems
  131. Repetetive...
  132. animate a series of bitmaps
  133. Little help pls
  134. Saving a Game...
  135. Game is a hog
  136. Collision Detection Function...
  137. Risk-style board game - Drawing territories
  138. 2D Animations
  139. Movement in an asteroids game
  140. Changing colours
  141. Copy Picturebox
  142. Problem in my Asteroids game
  143. Player Selction
  144. Help please!?!
  145. GDI+ and Problems with pixel matching
  146. Shooting (top down view)
  147. array
  148. Centering Map Reletive to Character
  149. Help Needed for Breakout Game
  150. Carrying data between forms
  151. Help needed in deflecting my ball !
  152. brick collision in breakout!
  153. How do I play MP3 on PPC 2003 using VB.net 2005
  154. Pong Questions
  155. Collision detection in visual studio
  156. MUDs, a good learning tool?
  157. Help needed with structues - timer function
  158. How do you save things?
  159. Collision detection for generic object rather then a specific instance
  160. Checking a pixel color
  161. Snakes and Ladders Board Game
  162. Good to be back...Question!
  163. Simple Question {smooth scroll with key press}
  164. Just getting started
  165. Graphic Based Interface Controls
  166. Reading Text Files
  167. Reminisce - a memory game
  168. Keyboard repeat rate/delay
  169. please help with this simple game
  170. Creating a Game
  171. Starting in .net Gaming
  172. drag and drop HELP
  173. need some simple help for a card game! quick-ish!
  174. Need Help {Loading images at runtime}
  175. Need advise/suggestions for card game problem
  176. Planets orbiting how?
  177. target selection on gamefield
  178. Main Menu Color?
  179. Need a good VB.Net Game programming book
  180. Collision detection with picture box
  181. GUI settings
  182. collision
  183. Graphics with threading
  184. Changing an array button background image
  185. noob question! menu's!
  186. Bitblt problem
  187. bitblt .NET style Help
  188. BlackJack Dealing with the ACE
  189. Need help with Sockets
  190. Tile Array Scrolling help(Map scrolls but not the tiles I place one it)
  191. Need Help With A Newb Question
  192. Jeopardy Scorekeeper
  193. Urgent - Is this possible with DirectX
  194. Code Question
  195. 3D Tic Tac Toe
  196. Avoid flickering in this GDI project
  197. please help- Putting my sprites on one sheet
  198. Cast Error
  199. How to manipulate the desktop using DirectX
  200. ESheep
  201. How do you use animated graphics
  202. Need Some Image Location Help
  203. Programming collisions
  204. Shooting multiple projectiles
  205. Where to start making a single player, turn based (half text based) RPG
  206. Making card games?
  207. Vb Keys are not declared
  208. Diagonal Key Movement
  209. Moving a bitmap to left or right
  210. Collision Problem
  211. Tileset Tile Indeces
  212. Random Number?
  213. Bitmap area collision
  214. Mind blank, need jog.
  215. Guessing Game Problem
  216. pixel-perfect collision detection
  217. 2d game design
  218. how to make a jump?
  219. Lost focus
  220. Movement path
  221. Pivot Sprites
  222. fps lock
  223. collision detection
  224. simple games
  225. How to link an object to a UDS?
  226. Play multiple sound at once
  227. Change a specific color with GDI+
  228. Graphics null reference
  229. My first game in VB.net (GDI+)
  230. GDI+ Slow with multiple animation
  231. Using Audiere in VB.NET
  232. following picture box and location
  233. Parametered Terrain Generation
  234. VB6 Twips to Pixel ratio?
  235. 2D KeyDown PictureBox movement and Grids
  236. Emulating a joystick throttle?
  237. Hangman Game
  238. Easier way to do Game Movement?
  239. Snakes and Ladders help
  240. How to set waypoint using VB.net?
  241. leaving an online game
  242. Side-Scrolling game problem
  243. How do I go about doing a Space Invader's game in VB.NET?
  244. n00b question... Jumping
  245. Need help on the game
  246. Add image using array
  247. How to make the bounding box collision more accurate
  248. start and stop on slot game.?.?.?
  249. How to check what object have you collide?
  250. Making an Rpg, help pls

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