.NET File I/O and Registry

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  1. streamwriter cuts off last line
  2. save a newbie... saving a text file
  3. How do you check to see if a file exists?
  4. Help With assignment due tomorrow monring
  5. File still in use after StreamReader .Close()
  6. how do i print data under my heading
  7. Wait for file transfer/copy to folder completed - using FileSystemWatcher
  8. cool load stuff
  9. VB.NET Replace Statement
  10. shell help
  11. Problems with searching in a .dat file in .Net
  12. Problems doing a count from a file
  13. File IO and Systems Object
  14. Reading a not UTF-8 encoding file
  15. Creating Files in .NET
  16. Loading Textfile Into Textbox
  17. How to close an exe(running)
  18. parsing a delimited text file to an ArrayList
  19. Error: file not found
  20. Shell commands
  21. Data binding with Combo box
  22. Pipe delimted import to then output xml
  23. Text box out to a file....
  24. file system stuff
  25. HOW to Create a SPARSE file in VB.NET
  26. Vb.net
  27. Dir list to listbox
  28. Reading a text file in real time...
  29. Problems with files
  30. RTF files input
  31. Troubles reading data from a file
  32. writing to specific lines
  33. Oracle TNSNAMES.ORA
  34. file copy
  35. Check for Windows Version
  36. Writing the registry
  37. Shortcuts and monitor copy progr.
  38. question
  39. Shortcuts in VB.net
  40. Writing ASCII Files
  41. My own saved file (but not only text)
  42. .ini reading error
  43. Newbie help with combo boxes
  44. Writing the contents of an Array to the StreamWriter
  45. Which Imports or References needed to dim as Folder and use FileSystemObject?
  46. Writing to a text file from VB
  47. File input
  48. File failed to read from the begining on its second time?
  49. Deleting files on my hard disk
  50. How do you compress, copy, and paste a file...
  51. File Create Date problem
  52. Find All System Drives
  53. open a text file, sort the contents, and then save it to another text file.
  54. reading numbers in a string - newbie
  55. How do I make OpenFileDialog open folders?
  56. VB .NET - Unicode File I/O
  57. Global
  58. Treeview
  59. get filenames w/o paths
  60. Initializing Random Access File
  61. write and read from and to a text file
  62. remove hidden files
  63. Column headers are being repeated in sequential access file
  64. Evaluating a String
  65. What's the easiest way to read and write binary file to and from an array?
  66. Working with Hex
  67. OutOfMemory Streams
  68. Question about Random Access Files
  69. Read A .txt File And Save The First Line To A String....??
  70. Read A .txt file!!!!!!
  71. finding what file the programs in
  72. Cluster size
  73. Filetypes
  74. Help With Basic I/O TXT Files
  75. text file help
  76. Down .csv text file from Intranet
  77. sequential files--final project--newbie
  78. Verify web link or Does file exist?
  79. File copy progress wont work
  80. Writing to the beginning of a file
  81. End of file help
  82. Download Internet File
  83. Cutting up a binary File
  84. Checking for existance and creating directories
  85. Read one word form a text file
  86. Problem Overwriting File
  87. Outputting to a text file
  88. storing data in listbox
  89. Registry
  90. Reading From My File Extension
  91. Saving complex structure to a file
  92. Reading file
  93. Object reference not set to an instance of an object
  94. This is a weird one
  95. Get version of an exe
  96. Listbox duplicates
  97. multi-string registry entry
  98. Get version of an exe
  99. FileStream - read binary
  100. Problem with saving data to CSV files
  101. raw to array
  102. reading into variables
  103. problem inputing to listbox
  104. file size
  105. Reading From and Writing To web (FTP)
  106. Appending 3 files
  107. StreamWriter Problem?
  108. Load text file into RichTextBox
  109. Directory path to text box
  110. Reading only part of string
  111. variables in a textfile
  112. folder contents > pic boxes
  113. Read each Letter...
  114. Using "OpenFileDialog"
  115. Basic String Manipulation
  116. main menu in xml
  117. compressed file extraction
  118. Best way to save settings?
  119. How To?
  120. noob file I/O
  121. Random Access Files & .NetCF
  122. Read certain section and then move on
  123. Question about XML Reader
  124. Reading from file to listbox...?
  125. Reading Memory Streams
  126. Editing Config File, and Running on Windows Start
  127. Watched Network Folder
  128. XML File Writing
  129. Create Registry Key
  130. Saving multiple forms As a Single User-specified file
  131. sequential file/different data
  132. Extraction File and del then . security. problem
  133. XML into dataset/datatable
  134. if key exists
  135. read key from registry
  136. HELP: Input from Image File
  137. Total Lines in a text file
  138. Delete populated Directory
  139. Does file exist?
  140. Inet\Downloading files...
  141. Using Save file Dialog
  142. GetAllSettings
  143. Save splitted textfile into structure and view this in a detailed listview
  144. reading text
  145. Retrieving data from a file
  146. Look up info from text file (HELP)
  147. Opening notepad with text
  148. How to create meta data
  149. Overwrite a text file
  150. Saving files to disk without save file dialog
  151. Importing .WMA files into VB
  152. Registry Simplified
  153. Saving on form exit
  154. Moving The Mouse
  155. Opening a saved document
  156. binary reading help
  157. Save Command
  158. StreamReader ReadLine problem
  159. A program to set an html page as the desktop background
  160. newbie help {convert database into file}
  161. Remove Items Fom ListBox: How To?
  162. convert file into array of string
  163. ASP VBScript Uploading Image
  164. How do I watch the Registry for changes?
  165. Newbie help {Creating Shares}
  166. Check local filesystem NTFS / FAT32
  167. Debug to File
  168. Get drives/directories
  169. saving in text files
  170. saving integers in a text file
  171. File.Copy Error Handling
  172. search, and sort txt file and a few other questions
  173. Save data into a.txt file
  174. Structured array to disk using system.IO
  175. Create .url files
  176. Input data from a txt file into a textbox
  177. get dynamic data from .txt file
  178. Trouble getting a file to "let go!"
  179. reading a file which is being used by other process
  180. text files - use whole file, not first line
  181. Problem with deleting files
  182. Checking for file type
  183. New to I/O - Need to access directory/registry(s)
  184. Need help with changing monitor power save activation time
  185. Save File Dialog
  186. Open file from the Internet
  187. Getting file arrays into a listbox
  188. Cannot write files to local drive
  189. Random line from file
  190. Save a file from a MemoryStream
  191. EDIT button
  192. Change folder last write date
  193. Ini Forever!
  194. How to list EVERY ITEM in a PATH/Directory??
  195. Changing file security?
  196. List all shared resources in workgroup
  197. Outputting standard text
  198. Changing file extension
  199. Putting files into the startup
  200. serial port communication
  201. Reading from A webpage
  202. convering input to csv
  203. File Location
  204. IO Confusion
  205. Reading meta information
  206. Changing desktop background in VB .NET
  207. Help with my filesystem class
  208. Reading Text from a Embedded Resource: Textfile.txt
  209. load text file into texboxes
  210. Multiple filter extensions
  211. Combining Text files
  212. Question about ReadToEnd()
  213. XML problems
  214. Input and Print
  215. Reading strings from the right
  216. VB calender and to-do list help
  217. Browsing in a Txtfile
  218. List values in a registry subkey?
  219. XML error
  220. CSV extra quotation problem
  221. Replacing text in a text file
  222. find certain data in a seq file
  223. Regular Expressions pattern matching?
  224. Markercount problems
  225. Help with Fast Binary Read/Write
  226. Renaming file issue VB to Net
  227. Option Strict On Disallows Implicit Conversions From 'Long' To 'Integer'
  228. Clearing a text file
  229. File Path
  230. Error Catching
  231. Writing to the end of file
  232. How to write to different lines.
  233. Making a folder
  234. File Attributes
  235. Reading delimited text content
  236. I/O Without using C:\Program Files
  237. Editing an exisitng XML Document
  238. File search algorithm
  239. Use Regular Expression to delete multiple lines?
  240. Setting lines of a file to a variable
  241. File not opening
  242. Optimizing a file search operation
  243. Ideas Please... {binary file reading/editing}
  244. Delete empty spaces in a file
  245. Now I have another problem - write to text file
  246. Reading text file into array
  247. ReadLine problem
  248. Straightforward question: Renaming a file
  249. Implementing Custom XML Schema
  250. Registry in Pocket PC

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