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  1. MVC recommended tutorials and articles
  2. Best practices for deploying passwords and other sensitive data to ASP.NET and Azure
  3. Unstructured Blob Storage (Building Real-World Cloud Apps with Azure)
  4. SignalR Connection Density Testing with Crank
  5. Using SignalR Performance Counters in an Azure Web Role
  6. Profile and debug your ASP.NET MVC app with Glimpse
  7. Installing ASP.NET and Web Tools
  8. View components and Inject in ASP.NET MVC 6
  9. Create a Web API in MVC 6
  10. Secure a Web API with Individual Accounts and Local Login in ASP.NET Web API 2.2
  11. Create an ASP.NET Web Forms app with SMS Two-Factor Authentication
  12. Create a secure ASP.NET Web Forms app with user registration, email confirmation and
  13. Publish MVC Database First site to Azure
  14. ASP.NET MVC Facebook Birthday App
  15. Authentication Filters in ASP.NET Web API 2
  16. Complex Type Inheritance in OData v4 with ASP.NET Web API
  17. What's New in ASP.NET Web API OData 5.3
  18. Open Types in OData v4 with ASP.NET Web API
  19. ASP.NET MVC 5 app with SMS and email Two-Factor Authentication
  20. Create a secure ASP.NET MVC 5 web app with log in, email confirmation and password re
  21. August Update: Visual Studio Code 0.7.0 Adds Language Enhancements
  22. B4J Keeps Classic Visual Basic Alive
  23. What Makes Universal App Platform So Attractive to Devs?
  24. Taking Visual Studio 2015 for a Test Drive
  25. Windows Bridge for iOS Preview Is Open Sourced
  26. Improved Networking APIs for Universal Windows Apps
  27. Something New: ID Management, Productivity Tools in VS 2015
  28. Licensing, Pricing Tweaks with Visual Studio Online Favor Enterprises
  29. As Windows 10 Goes Live, So Do Developer Resources
  30. Entity Framework 7 Beta 6 Out in Preview
  31. Visual Studio 2012 Update 5 RC Can Be Downloaded
  32. License Changes Mean More TFS 2015 Feature Flexibility
  33. Official: Visual Studio 2015, .NET Framework 4.6 Now Available
  34. Visual Studio Code Supports ECMAscript 6
  35. C# Developers Can Tap Into Azure AD Reporting Data
  36. Team Foundation Server 2015 Likely Delayed After July 20
  37. Dynatrace 6.2 Gives .NET Devs a Deep Dive into App Performance
  38. Beta for ASP.NET 5 Available on NuGet
  39. Windows 10 SDK Build Updated
  40. July 20: Visual Studio 2015, TFS 2015 and .NET 4.6*To Be Released Online
  41. Fire OS 5 Preview Opens Up New Options for .NET Developers
  42. Docker Compose Files Can Be Edited Via Visual Studio Code
  43. Lankford: You're Already a Cloud Developer
  44. Microsoft's Cross-Platform Tools Aim for Mac, OS X
  45. Huckaby: For Creative Developers, Evolving Natural User Interface Design Opens Up Opp
  46. Visual Studio Application Insights Pricing Discounted for Volume Users
  47. From Austin: Microsoft Open Source Development Updates for 2015
  48. Xamarin Adds Mobile App Security Features with IBM MobileFirst Protect
  49. Preview of Project System Extensibility SDK for Visual Studio 2015
  50. New Open Source Project: Windows Communication Foundation
  51. Microsoft's May Security Update Includes .NET Framework Vulnerabilities
  52. DevExpress TestCafe Updated to 15.1
  53. Visual Studio Code Feedback Loop, First Updates
  54. Build vNext Preview Available in Visual Studio Online
  55. A Network Diagnostics Tool for Visual Studio Developers
  56. Telerik Releases NativeScript 1.0
  57. TypeScript 1.5 Inches Nearer to ECMAScript 6
  58. GitHub Extension Now in Visual Studio Gallery
  59. 'Always Encrypted' Leads New SQL Server 2016 Features
  60. 10 Takeaways from Microsoft Build
  61. Inside the Universal Windows Platform Bridges
  62. Microsoft Shows Off Universal Windows Platform
  63. Release Candidates for Visual Studio 2015 Tools Now Available
  64. One for All: Build Offers Glimpse of New Windows Apps
  65. Microsoft Build: Windows 10, Cross-Platform Development, Universal Apps Are Front, Ce
  66. Visual Studio Online Sprints 80, 81 Now Available
  67. Windows 10 and Universal Apps: You've Seen This Before
  68. Ahead of Build, Windows 10 Preview Gets an Update
  69. Azure Service Fabric Unveiled
  70. Microsoft Open Technologies Shuts Down
  71. Install Problems Reported in SQL Server 2014 SP1
  72. Microsoft, Zend To Release App Monitor for Developers Working with Azure App Service
  73. Round 2 for Visual Studio Tools for Unity 2.0
  74. Azure DocumentDB Goes Live
  75. Ajax Control Toolkit Streamlines, Drops .NET 3.5 Support
  76. PSBuild: Like MSBuild on Steroids
  77. The Open Source Journey of the .NET Compiler Platform, a Year Later
  78. Windows Driver Framework Now on Github
  79. Application Insights Update Allows for Sharing Customized Monitors
  80. WinJS 4.0 Now a Preview
  81. JNBridge Pro Extends Interop to Windows 10, Visual Studio 2015
  82. Visual Studio 2012 Update 5 Released
  83. Sprint Planning Tweaks Added to Visual Studio Online Sprint 87
  84. Azure SDK 2.7.1 for .NET Extends Capabilities to Visual Studio 2013
  85. MSBuild Makes Cross-Platform Progress
  86. Azure Mobile Apps Gains Node.js Support
  87. React and TypeScript Get Cozy
  88. Unity 5.2 Uses Visual Studio 2015 as Default IDE
  89. Visual Studio Code Preview 0.8.0 Improves on Debugging
  90. Developer Tools for Office 2016
  91. Azure Mobile Apps Backs Up to Azure Table Storage
  92. Azure Data Lake Store, Services and U-SQL Make Debut
  93. Add-In Commands Give Office 2016 Devs More Control
  94. Tools for Apache Cordova Version 1.0.0 Released
  95. Foley: The New Microsoft Is Unpredictable
  96. Microsoft Developer Division Chief Somasegar Steps Down
  97. VS Tools for Cordova Update 3 Aims for Stability
  98. Visual Studio 2015, Team Foundation Server 2015 Updated
  99. Telerik Kendo UI Supports AngularJS, Web Components
  100. Visual Studio Online Supports Azure AD Groups
  101. Securing ASP.NET: Find a Flaw, Get $15K
  102. Xamarin Bolsters Cross-Platform Tools with RoboVM Buy
  103. Language API from Project Oxford in Public Beta
  104. SQL Server 2016 Breaks Out
  105. Visual Studio Online Defines 'Visual' in New Team Interface
  106. Revamped ReSharper Ultimate 10
  107. .NET Framework Dons the Red Hat with Deeper Linux Integration
  108. Visual Studio 2015, Team Foundation Server 2015 Updates Near RTW
  109. Updates to Visual C++ Include New Build Tool, Experimental Editor Tools
  110. Cloud Foundry Now Supports .NET, Azure Natively
  111. Visual Studio Fares Well in IDE Report
  112. Developing ASP.NET Apps with Azure Active Directory
  113. Getting Started with ASP.NET MVC 5
  114. Long Wait Over for Team Foundation Server 2015 Management Pack for System Center
  115. Sencha Ext JS Offers .NET Devs Short Cuts for Web Apps
  116. Xamarin 4's New Mac Agent Gives Devs More Direct Path to iOS Apps
  117. Project Oxford Gets Emotional for 'Movember'
  118. Microsoft Showcases Visual Studio Dev Essentials, Visual Studio Code in New York
  119. Developers First Line of Defense When Adopting DevOps
  120. Your First ASP.NET 5 Application on a Mac
  121. Introduction to Tag Helpers
  122. OmniSharp - Cross-platform .NET development
  123. Visual Studio Code
  124. Building Your First Web API with MVC 6
  125. Introducing ASP.NET 5 and Web Tooling
  126. Microsoft Virtual Academy ‚?? Introduction to ASP.NET 5
  127. Introduction to ASP.NET 5
  128. Getting Started with ASP.NET 5
  129. Your First ASP.NET 5 Application Using Visual Studio
  130. Get Started with Entity Framework 7 using ASP.NET MVC 6
  131. Single Page Application: KnockoutJS template
  132. Appendix: The Fix It Sample Application (Building Real-World Cloud Apps with Azure)
  133. More Patterns and Guidance (Building Real-World Cloud Apps with Azure)
  134. Queue-Centric Work Pattern (Building Real-World Cloud Apps with Azure)
  135. Distributed Caching (Building Real-World Cloud Apps with Azure)
  136. Transient Fault Handling (Building Real-World Cloud Apps with Azure)
  137. Monitoring and Telemetry (Building Real-World Cloud Apps with Azure)
  138. Design to Survive Failures (Building Real-World Cloud Apps with Azure)
  139. Getting Started with Entity Framework 6 Code First using MVC 5
  140. Hands On Lab: Build a Single Page Application (SPA) with ASP.NET Web API and Angular.
  141. ASP.NET SignalR Hubs API Guide - JavaScript Client
  142. Two-factor¬*authentication using SMS and email with ASP.NET Identity
  143. SignalR Blueprints
  144. Develop and deploy a web app with Microsoft WebMatrix
  145. Visual Studio 2013 Update 5 Release Notes
  146. Visual Studio 2015 Release Notes
  147. Microsoft Sheds Light on Open Source Developments
  148. Performance, Scalability Improved in SQL Server 2012 SP3
  149. Visual Studio 2015 Update 1 RTM
  150. Cortana, Power BI Integration Now In Preview
  151. Visual Studio Code 0.10.3 Fixes Performance Snag
  152. Clang with Microsoft CodeGen: A VS 2015 Update 1 Gem
  153. Microsoft Open Sources Chakra JavaScript Engine Components
  154. Node.js Tools for Visual Studio 1.1 Has More (Intelli)Sense
  155. Office Developer Tools for VS 2015 Adds New Project Type
  156. .NET Framework 4.6.1 Improves on WPF, SQL Connectivity
  157. Microsoft Updates Band SDK
  158. Visual Studio Online Sprint 92: Customizing Work Item Fields
  159. ASP.NET WebHooks Preview 2016 Update
  160. Visual Studio: Team Explorer Everywhere Updated To Support Eclipse Mars
  161. End of Extended Support for Some .NET Framework, SQL Server Versions
  162. Visual Studio Code Update Now Uses ECMAscript 6
  163. Project Rider: A C# IDE Alternative
  164. ChakraCore Gets Microsoft's Open Source Treatment
  165. ASP.NET's New Versioning Gets To the Core of the Matter
  166. TACO Thursday: Visual Studio Tools for Apache Cordova Update 5 Available
  167. Beta: Apache Cordova Plugin for Azure Mobile App Data Access
  168. Coming Soon: Node.js Support in ChakraCore
  169. UI, Performance Tweaked in Azure SDK 2.8.2 for Visual Studio 2015
  170. Working with TypeScript 1.7? Check out the 1.8 Beta, Out Now
  171. New Benefits Added to Visual Studio Dev Essentials Program
  172. Syncfusion Big Data Platform Now Available
  173. Visual Studio Team Services Stops Twice
  174. Visual Studio Tools for Unity Updated
  175. The Fix Is In: Visual Studio 2015 Update 2 CTP Available
  176. Visual C++ Technical Preview Available via NuGet Package
  177. ReThinkDB Preview Available to Windows Users
  178. Insiders Program for Visual Studio Code Evolves
  179. BREAKING: Microsoft To Acquire Xamarin
  180. Xamarin's Impact on the Death of Project Astoria
  181. HoloLens Developer Kit Ships at End of March
  182. ASP.NET 5 on Nano Server
  183. Adding Search
  184. Adding a model
  185. Publishing to IIS
  186. ? Dynamic vs Strongly Typed Views
  187. Working with a Distributed Cache
  188. Introduction to Tag Helpers
  189. View Components
  190. Adding Validation
  191. Migrating Authentication and Identity From ASP.NET MVC 5 to MVC 6
  192. ? Creating a Custom View Engine
  193. Response Caching
  194. Migrating Configuration From ASP.NET MVC 5 to MVC 6
  195. ? Testing Controller Logic
  196. Publishing to IIS with Web Deploy using Visual Studio 2015
  197. View Based Authorization
  198. Limiting identity by scheme
  199. Microsoft Joins Eclipse Foundation
  200. Visual Studio 2015 Update 2 Release Candidate Now Available
  201. SQL Server To Run on Linux
  202. Routing
  203. Microsoft Exam Booster Packs: A Different Take on Second Shot
  204. New R Language Plugin for Visual Studio 2015
  205. Visual Studio Team Services Sprint 96 is Jam Packed with Features
  206. Password Hashing
  207. Installing ASP.NET 5 On Windows
  208. Your First ASP.NET 5 Web App Using Visual Studio
  209. Role based Authorization
  210. Injecting Services Into Views
  211. Visual Studio Tools for Apache Cordova Version 6 Update 7 Released
  212. Time's Almost Up for Visual Studio 2005
  213. Adding a controller
  214. Dependency Injection
  215. Dependency Injection and Controllers
  216. Microsoft's Solution Will Allow Developers To Extend Datacenter Switches
  217. Adding a view
  218. Microsoft Press Developer Book Sale Until End of March
  219. Real-World Experiment with .NET Core Debugging via Visual Studio Code
  220. ASP.NET AJAX Control Toolkit 16.1 Now Available
  221. Getting Started with ASP.NET 5 and Entity Framework 6
  222. Working with Static Files
  223. Visual Studio Productivity Power Tools Open Sourced
  224. R Tools for Visual Studio Updated
  225. Build-Up to Microsoft Build, Part 2
  226. Working with DNX Projects
  227. Using Commands
  228. Robotics Development Platform RTX64 Now Has Visual Studio 2015 Support
  229. Isolator++ 3 Simplifies C/C++ Code Unit Testing
  230. Building Your First Web API with MVC 6
  231. Migrating From ASP.NET MVC 5 to MVC 6
  232. TFS Extension for Visual Studio Code Now Available
  233. From Build 2016: Windows 10 Update for Summer, HoloLens Now
  234. New Mac and Windows Development Tools for Working with Docker Containers
  235. From Build 2016: Windows 10 Anniversary Update Will Have Bash
  236. Build 2016, Day 2: Microsoft's Guthrie Maps Lofty Goals for Azure Build Out
  237. Build 2016: Office 365 Integration Goes Deeper Than Just Office
  238. SQL Server 2014 Free for Visual Studio Dev Essentials Members
  239. Visual Studio '15' is What's vNext
  240. Kusto Gobbles Up Application Insights Data
  241. Working with Multiple Environments
  242. Publish to a Linux Production Environment
  243. Logging
  244. ? Error Handling
  245. Middleware
  246. Using Gulp
  247. Diagnostics
  248. Windows 10 Insiders Can Take Bash for a Spin
  249. Getting started with ASP.NET MVC 6
  250. Linux Coding Extension Available for Visual C++

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