File I/O and Registry

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  1. PLEASE HELP! Sorting, Searching, Indexing...
  2. how do you read data from file
  3. Saving / Reading my own file types
  4. Registry
  5. Question about INI files
  6. REG_SZ , string value in Registry
  7. Setting and Saving system colors
  8. registry
  9. How to write a listbox to a file...
  10. read text file input#1 comma problems
  11. Registry String Length
  12. Creating a file etc
  13. REgistry
  14. searching for string in text file
  15. Trouble with Combo Box & Saved File
  16. Registry Questions
  17. Searching for sections in the registry
  18. txt file instead of Database
  19. Help with writing to simple data text file
  20. Creating Text Files
  21. Searching a file
  22. Number of lines in a file.
  23. reading from a file
  24. Load file into array
  25. help w/ sequential access file & menu control
  26. loading data from external files
  27. Open Text Files?
  28. Saving data to a different file
  29. Saving multiple things
  30. saving setting problem
  31. problem about open file
  32. Form_Unload / QueryUnload for saving registry data ?
  33. Creating a text file
  34. how to read a line at a time from a text?
  35. Fastest way of reading a file
  36. Figuring out if a DLL is registered or not
  37. Creating text files..
  38. text file problem
  39. How to read all contents from a file containing RTF text?
  40. Second line from .txt-file
  41. file input
  42. select line input
  43. Trouble reading line by line from a text file
  44. Searching/renaming/overwriting files
  45. Registry entries
  46. Help On Reading File
  47. Parsing a text file- Array Question
  48. binary file?
  49. Sorting a textfile
  50. Searching String in a formatted line
  51. Copy contents of a file into a textbox
  52. Output to text file Appending instead of Printing
  53. writing to files
  54. deleting specific lines from text files
  55. How Can I Make VB Read The config.ini
  56. Modify Registry Code
  57. Know if a program in installed on your system
  58. registry
  59. app that open a dat file with info.
  60. problem with reading a .txt-file
  61. freefile???
  62. Reading Apache Logs?
  63. File Handling in Vb
  64. Read file problem
  65. Random File Acces - Add more fields
  66. Loading contents ofa txt file
  67. Hiding files
  68. Encryption Problems...
  69. File I/O Help
  70. Populating an array from a sequential text file
  71. open file
  72. How can I load text file into string?
  73. need help Creating folders and files
  74. Input External .dat file int List Box
  75. How to read a specific line from txt file?
  76. File Name and Combo Box issues
  77. File I/O
  78. Looping over registry entries.
  79. Opening Txt file into flexgrid
  80. open file, input to an object rather than string... how?
  81. if folder contains file
  82. Accessing Files
  83. File not found
  84. Loading a text file one character at a time
  85. file types problem
  86. Scanning Registry
  87. registry question ? (2)
  88. text box > Comand button > .txt file
  89. Does VB have a FilePointer for reading Files?
  90. declaring a path to be used for sequential file access
  91. file save help
  92. Removing "" from a .txt after adding from
  93. Startup Registry Key Problem
  94. Open and save codes
  95. reading strings with tabs in them from files
  96. modifications in txt file
  97. Save window
  98. Moving around File
  99. Output space to text file
  100. A file random or sequential??
  101. File Properties
  102. Create a DWORD
  103. Registry Search
  104. Question!
  105. text files
  106. change registry key permissions
  107. Check the opened file
  108. File Already Open
  109. Redirecting internet files to folder
  110. Saving bitmaps to file
  111. Saving Objects To File
  112. SaveSetting object trouble
  113. Open statement
  114. Changing something in a file...
  115. Count Lines of Text in txt File
  116. Parse a .txt file to a .csv file
  117. Output Into Excel
  118. file flush
  119. Check file if it's already open
  120. Problem with inputted file
  121. How to write text to file??
  122. how to save data in a text file-NEWBIE
  123. streaming zip files?
  124. Navigating folder objects
  125. file read write wait
  126. Converting doc to txt
  127. File Checking Question
  128. How can I get the hardware system information
  129. Sending keys to Reflection
  130. Length of word in file
  131. delete text within file
  132. CD-Key viewer/changer
  133. Scanning for files
  134. Wrong place in the Registry
  135. Mass File Deletion
  136. how to populate an array from a txt file
  137. probally a simple solution
  138. Change location in registry?
  139. whats up with this?
  140. Ouutput Code To File
  141. file read write
  142. Write to Top
  143. using a FileListBox to delete a fiel
  144. XML and VB 6
  145. writing to .ini file
  146. Read random line from text-file
  147. CSV files
  148. Opening A file
  149. File Seeking
  150. Network File writing/reading??
  151. text file; Read/Write, HELP
  152. Launch another Application
  153. File Copying Error
  154. Saving
  155. Finding last record in file
  156. Saving Contents into a Txt file
  157. retrieving workgroup name from eithernet conntection and changing in local machine
  158. Parsing a txt file
  159. invalid procedure/argument with writeline
  160. save textfile
  161. help: how to rename a filename
  162. Ini Help needed
  163. Save Setting to Registry
  164. File Class wrapper
  165. Check if a file is loaded from harddisk
  166. Need help splitting AVI files in Visual Basic
  167. Quickest way to save registry
  168. Query about registry
  169. text file; Read/Write, HELP
  170. Find line in text file, put it into a menu item
  171. VB Question
  172. Synchronise Events
  173. I/O help
  174. Opening text files using command buttons
  175. read/write into registry
  176. Deleting text from a file
  177. FSO Problem
  178. copy and paste file
  179. Check the opened file
  180. Making a package system
  181. Handling Double byte characters in ASCII file
  182. Check File Exist
  183. EOF of Textfile
  184. Input From Text File
  185. Install registry keys
  186. creating an empty file
  187. Using a text file that contains list of numbers 0 to 99
  188. Delete or Killing Files
  189. Delete text with brackets from file
  190. app.path question
  191. Opening file with the cd drive
  192. delete blanks ..
  193. put to columns together
  194. merge 2 columns with their values
  195. error message!!!
  196. Writing double byte characters into Ascii file
  197. FlexGrid Help
  198. End of file
  199. Saving User-Defined Types To File
  200. Writing a Random file
  201. changing a text file
  202. Reading lines from .txt
  203. Outputting to a text file
  204. Running a backup in VB
  205. textstream not finding AtEndOfStream
  206. Modifying Win32 Share Permissions.
  207. Urgent: How do I close an Access DB file?
  208. Add files to a exe
  209. Closing DB File - Please Help - Urgent
  210. Registry Editing through a dll
  211. dll on register events
  212. FileSystemObject.CreateTextFile
  213. write a txt file
  214. Write To File
  215. trouble with ShellExecute
  216. Read a Binary file and make changes
  217. Registry setting for Excel File
  218. How can i read from a server registry
  219. FSO vs. non-FSO
  220. Simple Registry Editor
  221. how can I write arbitrary 1s an 0s directly into a file?
  222. Loading Every Text File In A Folder
  223. Best way to Save a backpack filled with items..
  224. read binary file
  225. tokenizing a string
  226. I need to write 1048576 bytes to in vb one byte at time, but fast. how can I do that?
  227. Reading one line from a text file
  228. write and print methods
  229. one more question about using Print
  230. Laugh at me!!!
  231. find all txt files in a directory and write their names to an array
  232. Open a file, close it, open next.
  233. pass file handler to functions in DLL
  234. Adding onto a text file, Instead of saving over.
  235. File Not Exist?
  236. real time file/directory monitoring
  237. Moving and changing bytes in a file
  238. editing/checking registry through VB
  239. How do i add a startup item to the registry?
  240. How can I put a " character in a string?
  241. FileSystemObject with Networked Drives
  242. Reading CSV file
  243. Windows Shell - Sticking point
  244. permission denied when copyfolder to cdrom
  245. trying to Read more than one Character at a time
  246. Hot Chick with Double D's needs help
  247. New problem when import .CSV file which is exported by Outlook
  248. Without using a t ext file?
  249. browse in registry!?! (like win reg-editor)
  250. Open with write access

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