08-27-2001, 11:48 PM
Hey guys...round (lost count, think 4 or so) haha

Ok, Heres the setup...keep in mind the game of Risk and Battleship.

What I have made so far is like the game Battleship, where you have a map with a grid overlayed over it. I am using an image for the background, and a transparent image() on top of it for use with the array. Anyway, what I am up to is making it connect to be a server/client type of a program.

What I want is for the program to be on two dif ppls comps, say Joe and Bob. The information that I want to save (whats in the array), I want to be on like

How it works:
You start the program, then sign on. When you sign on, I need it to download the latest information to populate the grid to show what player owns what square (this part is kinda like risk). I also want it to detect which players are currently connected. Those that are connected, and are close enough to each other, I want to be able to "attack" each other. Again, just like Risk. The actual attacking will be using the game of StarCraft on, and after the game, they come back to my program (which should be running in the background) and the winner clicks that they won, and the looser clicks that they lost. I realize that this will make ppl trust each other...but its for a group of ppl I know and play with.

Anyway, my question (after a 1000 word essay, sorry about that), is what direction should I go. Winsock? Something else? I could use a lil direction pointing.

Thanks guys,

Attached is a small example of what I have so far...this isnt the finished version. Left that at work. <kickdirt>

quos deus vult peredere prius dementat

08-27-2001, 11:57 PM
Winsock would be the way to go. There are TONS of tutorials on Winsock on the internet; do a search on google for "Visual Basic winsock tutorials" and you will get a few thousand sites

Jacob Sheehy

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