Usera and Passwords

10-11-2001, 05:09 AM

I have developed a VB program that, among other things, allows one to select a document or database. Depending on the type of document or database selected it calls Word, Excel or Access and opens the chosen document. All the documents are password protected, with different levels of access depending on the identity of the user.

My problem is that one needs to sign in for each document when it is called.

The idea is to have a password routine that allows one to sign on when starting the VB program and that user and password is evaluated when the application is called, without having to sign in on the application again.

1. I am calling Word, Excel or Access to use the programís functions and to limit the user to the access set-up when creating the document.
2. VB6 and MS Office 200 are being used.

Thanks if you can help.

10-11-2001, 08:53 AM
Since you don't want the user to have to log into each doc, it seems like
you will have to create a user/password database. Once the user is
logged in to your app, you will have to supply the correct password for
each document opened. That last part may be what you are really asking.
I am not sure how or if that can be done, but it seems logical that there
is a way.

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