text game engine

10-13-2001, 04:33 PM
I been working on a text game engine(engine rather than a game). It is an engine that uses MS Access database to load all game data in. The game will have some nifty features, and maybe will be upgraded to have 3d graphics using truevision 3d sdk.

What would be cool is if someone out there wants to create a game of any genre (text game at mo) but doesn't want the hassle of creating
/programming a whole engine around the game. The engine should be able to cope with any type of game u can come up with.

Someone create a game on my engine would also help me because there is probably features not yet impleted that peopole would like to see.

I also plan to make the engine fully multiplayer where people can log onto a website and start a game by simply connecting to a remote database as all data prosessing is done through the db. I have used winsock slightly but don't have to much knowledge if any one would like to help me add this features please email me.

If anyone is interested in joining me please email I would love the support. I will send you a sample of what I have. The current state of the engine is lacking in the amount of overall features I have planned, to get a sample of what I will be adding I have a text engine which is nearly finished with a full list of features but has bugs and is inefficient. I decided to start again with this engine as i learnt a new method of loading databases into vb and manipulating the data within them, if anyone would like help with working with data in there games and general game programming I would love to help. I can code vb , put i can't code graphic side of games at moment I just have trouble using dx and following the graphic side of things but have no problem with actual game code etc...

Thanks for reading


Thanks again

10-23-2001, 02:47 PM
That sounds very interesting, I would like to join you in the programming of the Tesxt engine...
Do youhave to make your own MS Acess file to begin with?

10-24-2001, 10:30 AM
Thanks for the reply
One database file made in MS Access is needed this is the core data file for the whole game, this only has to be made once. The engine then creates a copy a uses the copy for any changed to player then makes.

If you are still ineterested reply with what kind of stuff you can do and I will send an example.


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