AddTextObject to Crystal Report.

12-17-2003, 09:54 PM
Hi all,
How can we specify fontname, fontsize when adding TextObject to Crystal report?

Call Report.Sections(3).AddTextObject("My string", 300,500)


12-18-2003, 06:46 AM
Something like this......

make sure you have all your CRAXDRT definitions defined...

Dim crxApp As New CRAXDRT.Application
Dim crxReport As New CRAXDRT.Report
Dim myText As TextObject

Set crxReport = crxApp.OpenReport("C:\myReport.rpt", 1)
Set myText = crxReport.Sections(2).AddTextObject(myString, 400, 650)
With myText
.Font.Name = "Arial"
.Font.Size = 12
.Font.Bold = True
End With

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