SSTab array of visible tabs, help please!

TheDutch IceMan
12-21-2003, 06:43 AM
I have a SSTAB on my form with 10 tabs.
Depending of a recordset I want to show the tabs.
Before I call the script getClientDetails I call the script hideTabs which hides all the tabs of the SSTAB.
After that I'll call the clientDetails and show the tabs but on each tab are different objects which will be placed on it after clicking the tab.

Normally when I just want to show the items on the first tab I call this:
SSTab1.Tab = 0, Call SSTab1_Click(0) or just change the 0 into another number to show that particular tab.

The point now is that there is no default shown tab because they are depending on a recordset.

What I want to do is check for tabsVisible and fill an array with those numbers. After that call the LBound(Array) and that tab will be shown as default and the items will be also placed correctly on it.

Anybody has any idea how to fix that??? My script keeps on hangin.....

Dim intArray()

For i = 0 To (SSTab1.Tabs - 1)
If SSTab1.TabVisible(i) = True Then
intArray(i) = SSTab1.TabCaption
End If
Next i

If i > 0 Then
SSTab1.Tab = LBound(intVisible)
Call SSTab1_Click(LBound(intVisible))
End If

Thanks for your reply...

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