Neewbie in need of help

11-08-2001, 10:59 AM
Hi all,

For my first attempt at game programming, I am trying to do a Monopoly game.

My first (of many) stumbling block is how to create the game board with all the spaces/properties.

Any and all help is appreciated.

11-08-2001, 12:07 PM
First of all, I'd like to say: Welcome to the fantastic world of Game Programming! This is an exciting, challenging, and yes, frustrating world that we all love.

Now, I want to ask you: how much VB programming experience do you have (in general)? Do you know how to draw lines, boxes, circles, etc. on a picture box or on a form? Do you know how pixels and twips are related? (This can be pretty important!)

To start, I would recommend using the line command to draw boxes on your form or picture box. Look at the help for the line command--with certain parameters, you can set the line to actually be a box, either empty or filled. This should help in drawing a monopoly board.

Best of luck!

11-08-2001, 12:37 PM
Thank you...I will try it with that.

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