Printing of Report Strange Behaviour

04-16-2004, 12:31 AM
I am working on an application on VB 6.0 that integrates CR 8.5 in it. All of the reports in the app are built within the VB Development environment by calling the crystal reports designing tools in it.

The application has a previous version of 1.0 and I am working on some enhancements so that the app version will be 2.0, and so in these upgrades I have made some report option changes for the user, the changes are that previously there was no option on any relevant report to be displayed with the date range and so i put the RecordSelectionFormula, and this is working fine.

I can see the report on the report preview and its correct, the formula is working fine, but the problem occurs when i click on the print button on the toolbar of print preview window, the report does not print, on clicking it the print dialog box appears and the printer is connected its fine all its settings are correct i can print from any other application but not the reports in this application. It just doesn't show any errors and the print dialog box just disappears without spooling the page(s) to the printer. I don't know whats happening.

In the previous version 1.0 of the same application, the only difference i made in the reports is that i put the RecordSelection Formula and some properties i enabled and/or disabled such as export report enabled, close button enabled, selectexpert disabled, searchexpert disabled, tabs disabled, grouptree disabled and so on. The reports in the previous version are printing fine but not in this version after changes, whats wrong, please give me clue or guide me, i guess there is no connection of the RecordSelectionFormula to the printing of the report as the preview is giving me a perfect report, but its just not printing, WHY!!!???

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