how to input .CSV database file into VB, by only input the selected area

04-16-2004, 05:17 AM
hi, i am a very beginner of VB, and having so much trouble, i have few question plz give me a help, or give me some example...
the case i am doing is to into the database file .csv into VB
1) how do i input my .csv file As file__name
2) if i need to compare the number from my csv file, such as, matching my input to the database file .csv in some Specaific area, do i need to input whole .csv file into vb? or just make a array or something?
3) in my .csv file, there are Date, Number 1, number 2, number 3
if i need to match the Number was inputed by Date, how can i do that
below is a example, plz give me a help to write the coding, thx.
best regards

my Input:

from date: 1/3/2001
to date: 5/5/2001
number input: 1, 5, 51

Data, from csv file

1/1/2001 5, 7, 11
5/1/2001 1, 3, 27
*15/4/2001 3, 25, 44
*25/4/2001 5, 31, 41
*5/5/2001 7, 21, 27
27/5/2001 8, 14, 19

ps. the *sign mean the number i need to compare in this case, which is given from my input, the data is tread by Date

in this case what will be the most easy way to complete the code. plz help me
thank you

04-16-2004, 07:55 AM
What code do you have so far? Have you looked at the File I/O tutorial?

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