Crystalreports 7 not fetching the relevant record. very urgent

04-16-2004, 11:34 PM

Im creating one report using vb6 and crystalreports 7.
in crystalreports im displaying the fields like this.

GiveEmpno:1556 Giveempname:abc
Getempno:2344 GetEmpname:vnc

the giveempno and getempno are from the table1
the giveempname and getempname are from table2

i have included both the tables in the crystal reports.
using visual linking i linked the giveempno and getempno of table1 to the empno field of table two.

when i run the report its displaying the same empname for both the empno.
giveempno:1556 giveempname:abc
getempno:2344 getempname:abc

how come?

can anyone help me in this becoz its very urgent.


04-19-2004, 06:27 AM
Are you using the Developer's version of Crystal Reports? If so, are you creating an embedded .dsr report? Actually, if you are using version 7 I assume you are only trying to open an existing RPT file. Well, the visual linking expert is is buggy. This is why I only use 8.5 or higher, and the the .dsr embedded object method. This way, I can write an SQL statement as my recordset and just use a JOIN to bring in the tables I need with the proper relationships.

Also, you should be using an alias for your table names. This might be part of the problem. And, if you open the reports in native Crystal Reports, do you have the same problem? I imagine you do. This really isn't a VB 6 related issue. And how are you linking these tables? Try creating aliases for both tables and relinking them.

04-19-2004, 06:40 AM
I am using Developer's version of crystal reports 7.
Now i solved the problem by creating a aliases for table2.
by the way what is .dsr report?
can you check my other post that is the urgent and import one.
my vacation is delaying because of that project. :(


04-19-2004, 06:45 AM
I have been away from the board for several days...I am trying to catch up. I am reading and go through posts as quick as I can. A dsr is an embedded Crystal Reports object created for VB applications. It is like an embedded form, and it compiles within your application. You only have to add the required Crystal run-time dlls into your setup.exe. This is only available via the Developer's version. However, it might have started with version 8, I don't remember off hand. If you go into VB, and choose Project from the menu, if you see the option to add a new Crystal Report or DSR object, then you have the ability to create .dsr reports. If not, using native .rpt files is fine.

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