Implementation Suggestions

04-19-2004, 07:08 AM
HI All,
This would be my first posting here. I am extremely new to visual basic. So I needed a few suggestions for implentation of a particular functionality.
I want to retrive a table from the database and show it in a form. Now all the records displayed will either have been previously exported or not. Had they been previously exported then a check box should be displayed next to the record. I have handled everything on the database side, was wondering how could I implement it on the frontend. Also the user should be able to select records for export using the checkboxes. And once the record has been exported a check will be shown in the checkbox corresponding to the record on the form.

I think it should be very easy just was not able to figure out the exact way how this should be implemented. I would be highly grateful if you could give me some advice.



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