Win ME, network problems

08-05-2004, 03:17 AM
Ok, I know it's not a tech forum , but I ask the question anyway.

Last evening (read night), I was trying to help a friend to start his broadband connection. But the network protocol didn't work right, and it was windows ME, not the PC or anything. Because he also have W2000 installed on the same PC and we got that to work rigth from the beginning.

The problem in short:

OP system. Windows ME

Network protocol should be TCP/IP, and settings

Automatic IP address.

But when I click on a new protocol I can't find the IP settings tab on the properties sheet. Why? (only DNS and 2 more tabs)

If I install another TCP/IP protocol I can find the IP tab, but when the computer restarts that protocol is gone.

Has anyone using ME heard of a similar problem?


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