A Few Questions about ADO

10-25-2004, 08:57 AM
Ok i'm quite new to ADO and I need some advise.

1.First off ADO have alot of funny errors with "Very" informative error messages that means Jack to me. So where can I find better error messages that tells me what happened. Then I also want to know how do I know what control or what value caused a error(I'm using bound control collections with a ado class) so i dont know for eg. on what textbox or combo I entered a invalid value or incorrect data type. Please help.

2.Then is there any possible way to do a SQL query usink the 'LIKE' operator or something similar to achieve the same results.

3.I also would like to know how to refresh a recordset ad with DAO you would say rs.refresh but somehow this is not available in ADO.

If anyone can please give me any advise on exactly how to use ado that is stable please advise or email me on eugene.niemand@standardbank.co.za

Much appreciated.


Dennis DVR
10-25-2004, 09:15 AM
first of all, do not use Data Control and avoid using bound control :)
read this ....

But I just want to clarify some things in that link,basically the example in that tutorial uses the execute method against the connection object, first, using this method will return a readonly recordset, so updating the table is not possible since the returned recordset is readonly, second, this method will return a forwardonly cursor, so moving the record pointer backward (MovePrevious) would produce an error since the cursor is in forwardonly.

Bottom line is use the open method of recordset i.e. rs.Open "blah...blah..." if you're going to conduct a SELECT query and use the Execute method of the Connection object if you're going to conduct an action query such as INSERT,UPDATE,DELETE and ALTER.

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