Very NOOB at Access & VBA! Need help with VBA and Access

10-26-2004, 12:20 AM
I'm posting this here, though this ins't the VBA forum (but there isn't an Access Sub-forum in the VBA section either)

Okay -I'm in a hurry;
I need help BAD. I am very noob at this. I am very acquainted with VB,
but proved a noob at VBA in Access. I 'm not asking for you to do the writing, but I need examples and links and tutorials, and since time is limited I don't have time to skim through all the hits I get hoping that one of the many will be the solution to my problem.

For my work I have been asked to do this:

-I need to make a report (fixed layout with cell-like input boxed, for instance
like the VB text box)
-This input is conditionally free (free input but checked for validity) or limited
by top down menu's
-On input of some of these fields (lost-focus) others should be filled out with
conditional statements (IF such and such THEN ...)
-These reports should be saved in a separate table which have to be
accessed when asked for to either change /update/delete or add a report
-Access existing tables in Access (SQL)

The top down menu's should be filled from the existing tables some.

So a few questions:

-So methinks I make a query for getting the report?
-But how do I save it?
is there a way to e.g. call a report by query
have the report filled and have a " save" button to save it?
-I make textboxes in the report, how do I access them through VBA?

many thanx in advance


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