Repeating input form

01-10-2005, 09:05 AM

I am developing an App that will be used to create standard forms for our company. The header info from each form will be put into a SQL dbase, and the relevant fields will be banged onto an Excel template for that document type. The dbase will be used to show when docs were issued etc, the excel file is used as the document itself.

My first issue is this - There are 12 different document types. Each has the same generic header info, eg Issue Date, Issued by, Subject . . . but then the document type dictates what other info is required. One document may just need a couple more basic text fields, an other document may need 5-6 more fields and a large free text field for comments and detail.

So, my question is this. Do I create a Class / form with the basic header info on, and derive my new forms for each doc type from this, then just add the new fields . . or do I design each form separately ?? There are some functions that will be generic accross all forms, regardless of doc type. The Database connection, e-mail function . . etc.

I'm new to VB.NEt, have some basics and lots of VBA knowledge, just need a good starting point. If I am to create a class, could somebody give me a few instructions ! LOL

Thanks in advance

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