View Text using CSS-Styles

01-12-2005, 11:36 PM
is there a way to make RichEdit/Textedit EDIT AND show Text using original CSS-Styles with all its features?

I basicly need to make a text-editor where you can edit AND view Text using original CSS-styles, 1:1 as you would see it later in a Browser. The user is not allowed to mark Text to make it bold/italic etc.., he has to use a CSS-Styles to format his Text.

There is a great OCX-control ( where you can edit a Webpage in WYSIWYG-style, but this OCX handles all Keyboard-input by itself and doesn't have any .selstart, .selenght etc. methods. Its useless for my 'Straight CSS-Style Texteditor".

Thanks in advance for anything pointing me into the right direction.

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