Power outage and db crash

Bob Schwarz, Sr.
03-09-2002, 05:41 PM
We are having severe weather here and the high winds knocked power out. Before the backup generator could kick in the server went offline for a brief period of time. When it was rebooted, because of the abrupt shutdown of the mysql server, the user table of the db was corrupted. The first 4 backups I tried were also corrupt. I finally got one from over 3 hours ago to work. Anyone that posted or signed up 3 hours prior the outage will have to re-post or signup again. If your username works everything is ok. If you get an error saying there is no such member then you were lost while repairing the db. I was worried for a short time that I might have lost the db altogether. Everything seems back to normal now.
There is a good lesson I learned today. You can never have too many backups. I was lucky enough to just have changed the backup cron task to fire every 20 minutes instead of every hour and to save 24 hours worth of backups. Previously, I only saved 6 hours worth. This could have been a major disaster if none of the backups worked.

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