Custom image resource file

02-06-2005, 09:34 PM
Hey everyone,
so i have this program that i have about 3 images for. So i was learning about custom resource files, and I decided to make these 3 images into one. I followed the tutorial on (good site), but the one thing i don't get is how to convert back from the file into the pictures. I have the info for all the pictures in 3 seperate variables, which i know how to put into an empty file to create the .jpg or whatever but this isn't what i want. I was to use these images as a picture of an image control. So basically to load them into a ipicturedisplay somehow, without creating the file for each picture. So basically when the program loads it decompresses this small resource file and loads the pictures. So how do I do this? the loadpicture only works with an existing file as far as i know, and useing set variable = variable2 doesn't work, where variable is the ipicturedisp and var2 is the var holding the image data. Please tell me what to do it'd be a big help.

02-06-2005, 10:21 PM
First off, do NOT create more than one thread with the same subject on different boards (the other two were deleted).

If your image is a JPG you'll need to load it with LoadResData and then convert it to IPictureDisp using API. Search the forum for PictureFromRes, I posted the function. Once the image is in an StdPicture you can draw it using the PaintPicture method of a picturebox or form. Since you have multiple images in one, I'll assume it's a vertical or horizontal image strip (or possibly both). Simply provide the target coords and source coords of the image strip and draw it.

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