Game Speed and Advice.

03-14-2002, 05:19 PM
I need help.. I know more than i thought about Basic. I have been reading through some gaming codes and translating them to english what it would mean and i understadn it. i am going to make an RPG but start it as just a blank map with no houses. just like say a grass tile. then practice getting the code to let the masks and sprites work... then i will evolve it.. also.. THis isnt game related but... I made something to help on my Pre algebra homework. its not done yet but when it is i will post it. also. for advice... where can i learn about umm.. When the game screen is on and playing. it will show a picture. how do i make it click one part of the picuture to run a certain command. like... say i have one picture that would come up as an option talking to an Innkeeper...

it would be like

Open Your Bank Box

Spend the night...

Now.. Say i made a picture. how would i make it take a section of it.. i was reading the Rose Bud game Source Code and it has helped me a Lot! i made my items with it which i will post if you want to add them... i made..

Heal.. Mana Stone.. Refresh..

sol i wanna learn how to control game speed. and what a set up normally looks like for a game. thanks. i also need a name for my game..

03-14-2002, 11:16 PM
First of all, there is another thread on here similar to this, a guy asking about how to write a rpg, check it out.

click here for the thread (

You can't ask people to write a game from scratch for you, if you have code written for it and need help, post the code and explain what is wrong with it and what you need to have it fixed.

With clicking on a picture, use the mousemove event
and check with it's X,Y Co-ordinates to see where about on the picture someone has clicked.

As said on the other thread, if you haven't written many or any games, don't try to write complex ones first off or you'll just get nowhere and confuse yourself and probably everyone else trying to follow it!

03-15-2002, 04:31 AM
okay thanks.. now last question.. how do you guys find the co-ords for the pictures.. normally for me i just pick as guess. is there a catch to it?

03-15-2002, 04:46 AM
Sorry, I must have misread your first post.

If you are trying to copy a section of a picture, you would use paintpicture (or bitblt)

Is that what you mean?

I'm still cunfused as what you mean pick as guess at coords?

The mousemove (or mousedown) event within a picturebox tells you where the x,y position of the mouse is relative to that picturebox....
But I don't know what you are asking so don't know if this is what you want to know.
So please elaborate....

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