passing a VB to php

06-03-2005, 05:35 AM
I want to write my application where a user has to register online when the program is first started. I am not new to VB ( use VB 6), but i am new to Internet programming with VB. Registration will require filling out a website form using php. i know how to call that page and program the php to send the information to me, except....

...I want the VB application to read the hard drive serial number and pass that string or value to a php variable so that the php can send it to me.

How do I pass a VB variable to a php variable?


06-03-2005, 07:14 AM
you search the forum for this question because it's been asked 1000 times before....

you basically have your option of tools. you can use the INET control, the Internet APIs, the XMLHTTP object, or a few other ones. You can pass variables to a web page by including them after the question mark in the request.

Take the forum for example. When you click on the Web Programming link on the main page you get a link that looks like this:

The f=35 at the end of the link is a parameter. You use the GET variables in PHP. The variable name will be f and the value 35. You can pass multiple parameters by putting an ampersand (&) between them.

The rest, I leave to a forum or google search. It's out there...

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