Adding an item to the combobox at the top

06-03-2005, 09:00 AM
I guess that answered the original question, but lets add a twist.

I need to add to a list box where the newest data it put on top. When the newest data is on top, the exisiting info gets shifted down one space(index).

I am recording baseball scoring events. When something happens, that event is at the top of the list box, then previous events will be listed below it. [Sort by newest event] I do not have items for the list box al at once, they will be added periodically.

I was hoping I could just set the list box behavior to somehow display it that way. Otherwise, I was going to add the newest event to the top with additem and a index of zero, then loop through all of the items of the listbox and add one to the index so they would shift down.

**************MORON ALERT*********************
When you add an item to index 0, all of the other items will be moved down. See what happens when you read? M S D N!

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