winfax & visal basic

07-31-2005, 01:59 AM
Please I need help very urgent,

I have a visual basic 6.0 program that view winfax file and it is working ok for viewing the fax file according to the following code :

Private Sub Form_Load()
Obj_faxview.AppendFax "E:\Program Files\Symantec\WinFax\Data\0530001.FXR"
Obj_faxview.AliasMode = 2
End Sub

Obj_faxview is part of dccfaxviewctrl library that come with winfax program. This object contain command called print with the following description as per the object browser.

Sub Print(first_page As Long, count As Long, docname As String, printer As String)
Member of DccFaxViewLibCtl.DccFaxViewCtrl
Prints one or more fax pages

I made a command to print the winfax file as follows :

Obj_faxview.print 1,1, "E:\Program Files\Symantec\WinFax\Data\0530001.FXR", "hp"

But it give me error message as follows :
Object doesn't support this property or method (Error 438)
I tried to change the syntax of the command in many way but no hope.

Does any body know how this command work .

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