Sending datas through HTTP... help appreciated..

10-13-2005, 10:20 AM
Hi there :)
Don't know if I'm at the right place but this is my problem :

I need to offer to one of our provider a way to insert datas into a SQL server. Our security team don't want to expose the server to the web, ok, then they told me to make a website to allow the provider to do 'post http'.

I've made a webform (in method post), using the Request.querystring in the Form.Load to read the parameters, testing isPostBack. Ok, I have my datas, send them to SQL, everything is allright.

But... if the provider sends more than a message a second, it stucks... My .net environment is frozen, I need to stop the IIS service and to start it again...

I'm a real newbie in the .net world and maybe there is another way of doing it.
Please, I'm in a hurry (it's allways like this :D ) so any idea will be appreciated :)

Dim SMS As String
Dim Phone As String

If Not IsPostBack Then

SMS = Request.QueryString("SMS")
Phone = Request.QueryString("Phone")

SqlCommand1.CommandType = CommandType.Text
SqlCommand1.CommandText = "Insert into SMS(Message, Phone) values ('" & SMS & "','" & Phone & "')"


ParatelSMS = Nothing
ParatelPhone = Nothing

End If


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