Audio processing

11-12-2005, 07:34 AM
Hey all, I'm currently writing a mp3 player/mixer. It's using dsound buffering so I can mix my own sound. Now because I decode the mp3 files to wav data myself, I can do with the audio data what I want. For example I have written a compressor class to normalize the volume. It just takes a buffer as input, and return the processed buffer. It works fine...

But for example I'd like to pull the audio buffers through a multiband compressor for some better sound. I really don't know how to code that myself, and I couldn't find any code for it (only plain C++ code which I didn't understand...). Probably it would work too slow in VB as well. I did find some VST plug-ins but I don't know a way to use that and it would make the software unstable.

What I was wondering, are there more things to find on the web for processing sound, like libraries or sources which I can use directly in my VB program? Or is VST an option, and is there a good way to use it?

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