MMO Testing

11-21-2005, 06:38 PM
Okay, 2 part question...
1. Exactly how should I go about testing my MMO? Should I run it on a 3 person LAN with a server and 2 clients? Would I even need 3 computers or could I just use 2?

2. Important Coding, IP addresses. How do I get them? Is there some way ur supposed to call IPCONFIG program and get the output of that, or is there another way? Server program. What does it do? Just send out and recieve info to al the clients, or does it do more than that?

Thanks for any feedback. Greatly appreciated.

EDIT: I was thinking about the IP problem, could this work out:
1.Code in the IP of the server
2.Open TCP connection or send UDP packets
3.Some how pull the IP of the client off of them. Actually, if it was a TCP, would I even need an IP for the client? But how many TCP connections can you run at once?

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