Visual Basic And Data Report

01-14-2006, 03:05 AM

I am facing a problem while designing a data report. I am using ADO data Environment for getting the data from the Microsoft Access database. I want to include serial number for the report entries. Could any one suggest me how can i do it.

Like now entries are coming like this

rohit 21 India 200
Varun 22 India 200

I want the entries like

1. rohit 21 india 200
2. varun 21 india 200

How can i do it

I have an another question also
Appliction i am developing is a database application it contains entries upto several pages
i want that in a report sum of all the entries in a page comes last in a page an this sum carry forwrds to the next page also

suppose there are two entries in page 1
1. rohit 21 india 200
2. varun 21 india 200
sum = 400
this sum should be carry forwards in the top of the next page
like this
previous carry = 400
1. ro 21 india 300
2. va 21 india 500
sum = 1200

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