Animated GIFs "Fail" in PictureBox As Result of Drag/Drop Operations

03-27-2006, 07:36 AM
Hello Everyone,

Anyone seen this effect?

I am using VB2005 and WinXP.

I have 1 source PictureBox with an Animated GIF running in it.
I have allowed the PictureBox to handle the animation, and I have also used the ImageAnimator Class to animate my GIFs, BOTH with the same effect in regards to drag/drop. So I would assume if not defined that Pictureboxes use the ImageAnimator Class (I have not looked at the IL so it remains at best a good guess).

When I drag/drop PictureBox Images that are animated, the animation gets messed up.

By this I mean that the frame order is changed and the delays between frames changes. It almost seems that the drag/drop interrupts the animation and thus forces some sort of failure in the processing of the animation.

I have included a simple project to demonstrate this failure, Just drag the source to any destination 2-3 times in a row rapidly and you will see the typical Nuke animation becomes whacked.

If this happens enough times with all Pictureboxes flickering, and you minimize the app, you can not longer restore the app. You must stop the debug session.

Any thoughts? :confused:

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