A Colection of pictures Addvice?

04-01-2006, 05:45 PM
Hello all

Can anyone tell me what the best method to create a user control that will have a collection of Pictures stored inside it.
I am creating sort of a stop frame animation window controlled, Example would be a movie test counter screen you would see *** the film real starts

When creating a new control project do I need to insert a PictureBox inside the controleform space to view pictures? or can it be all done in code like Me.Control.Form.BackgroundImage = ImageColection(index Number) and in order to make the pictures cycle Image1 - Image1000 do I need to use a timer or just say ImageCounter = i As New Counter
for i = counter + 1
if Counter < 100
imageCollection = 1

or do I say
Private currentImage As Integer = 0
Public Sub New()
imageList1 = New ImageList()
' Display the image.
If imageList1.Images.Empty <> True Then
If imageList1.Images.Count - 100 > currentImage Then
currentImage += 1
currentImage = 0
End If

'Where to start where to end?

If I say add recourses and load all the picture frame images will they be imbedded at compile time? or do I have to use this ImageList.ImageCollection Class to have the pictures imbedded?

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