Automate an existing program using windows key press events??

05-03-2006, 02:57 PM
We have an ultrasound device and we have to download the files off of is using the serial port. It is slow and boring to do because it asks you to accept or change the name of each file, whether you want active x to run and the download is sort of slow.

Is there any way I can minimize my program and send and enter press and a left arrow press at given time interals and have it accept the questions when certain pop up boxes come?

All we do is select the number of files to be downloaded and click ok.

It downloads one and we press [enter] [left] [enter] and wait for it to download again.

I have been able to send key press events to the same program that is sending them before, but can I have one running in the background with focus on the program already written?


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