concurrent panels or frames

05-17-2006, 07:46 AM
I am having an issue with a form which has a few panels or frames (actually a panel with a frame in it, so the panels are the real issue) the panels are on top of each other, depending on some options that the user picks, only one of the panels will be visible at any given time. these panels are the same size, and in the same location. the problem is when I locate two of the panels at the same point, VB2005 wants to contain the frontmost panel inside the panel behind it automatically. of course when that happens one of the panels works fine, but when the other one is reqested to be visible, the area is blank. because the front panel is visible, but contained in another panel which is invisible. how do I make vb keep the panels on top of each other, and not contained within each other? I have done it by accident a couple of times. it seems as if I drag one panel on top of the other from the bottom or right side, they automatically try to be contained in the panel being dragged onto. if I do this from the left or top, they tend to stay separate like they should. if it were that simple it would be cumbersom but alright, but it doesn't seem to always work that way. sometimes I try to bring it in from the left and it gets contained anyway. is there some good way to stop this from happening? or a way to make auto containment go away like it was in vb6 where the only way to move an already existing object into a container object was to cut, select the container, paste. just dragging could never do it before, it was actually nicer that way.

05-17-2006, 11:49 AM
When you're moving the panel, if your mouse is over another container-like control, the cursor will change. Just add your panels to the form and set the location/size properties in the property window instead of trying to use the mouse. Or add all your panels as very small boxes next to eachother (so you don't have a difficult time trying to design overlapping ones), then position them in code.

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