Problems accesing ODBC database from a .dll invoked from an .ASP.

06-03-2002, 11:55 AM

I'm programming a web service using Microsoft SOAP Toolkit 3.0. My service access to a database using ODBC. The problem is that I'm unable to access the database. The service is implemented in a .dll. This .dll is invoked from an .ASP page which is accessed through IIS. I suppose the problem is related with permissions.

If I invoke the .dll directly, without passing through IIS, it works. So, It may be related with the permissions of the proccess which runs .ASP code. The ASP code instantiates a SoapServer object, which proccess the SOAP request, invoking the .dll code when necessary. I'm trying to access the database from inside this .dll code. The code which creates the workspace and connection is this:

Set wrkJet = CreateWorkspace("miWorkSpace", "Soaperos", "password", dbUseODBC)

Set db = wrkJet.OpenConnection("miConnection", dbDriverCompleteRequired, False, "ODBC;DSN=ServicioHoteles;UID=Soaperos;PWD=password")

where "Soaperos" and "password" are my username and password. This code doesn't generate errors, but when the next instruction is executed:

Set Qd = db.CreateQueryDef("")

The next error message is generated

Object type variable or With block variable is not set.

Can anyone tell me what is happening ? Thank you in advance

P.D.: The file which contains the code is enclosed with this message

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