Please help . . . newbie in 1st yr HND

01-09-2008, 05:02 AM
Hi guys :-)

I started my HND in Computing last September, but due to serious illness, i had to take 2 months off.

I am now quite a way behind the rest of the class and the college is trying to force me to leave - this is not an option as I have a family to support and need to pass this course!!

Anyhow, I have been given my 1st VB assignment ( to design a basic VAT calculator) and the tutor is more than unhelpful due to the rest of the class being demanding at their perticular level.

I have successfully created a calculator (TBH it wasnt that hard to create!!) please see code:
Private Sub cmdcalculate_Click()
'The name of the program'
txtans.Text = Str(ans)
'The end result is equal to the calculation of part 1 x part 2'
If Lstvat.ListIndex = -1 Then Lstvat.ListIndex = 0
'This ensures the value of the list box is zero or higher'
If IsNumeric(Txtnumber1.Text) Then
txtans.Text = Str(Val(Txtnumber1.Text) * Lstvat.List(Lstvat.ListIndex) / 100)
'This is the main calculation - i.e. the value of amount input x the pre-set %'
lblerrormessage.Caption = ("'Incorrect format'")
'Basic error message should the user decide to input letters rather than numbers'
End If

End Sub

Private Sub cmdclear_Click()
'Basic program to hide lable including msg for when error inputted'
lblerrormessage = ""
Txtnumber1.Text = ""
txtans.Text = ""
End Sub

Private Sub Form_Load()

End Sub

I am seriously struggling to write it up though!!

Does anybody here have a sample of a VB assignment (not bothered as to the subject matter as I am not intending to plagerise!!) I may borrow/read??

Many thanks


01-09-2008, 07:12 AM
I'm not entirely sure what you're asking for. Do you mean that your instructor is asking you to write a technical document to explain the design/functionality of your calculator? Assignment documentation is going to vary quite widely between schools and instructors, so I'm not sure how someone else's sample would be much help. Personally, I've never been asked for separate documentation for such a small project in a class; in-code comments are normally all that is expected.

01-10-2008, 02:41 PM

Which country are you in - might help. :)

Best regards.

01-10-2008, 02:57 PM
Hi Jason I am in year 2 of the HND and have done a few assignments.

The lecturer should have given you a specification and some notes on what criteria you were to meet in order to obtain a pass, merit or distinction.

The modules target certain areas such as design and testing and unless you have been given guidence in certain areas you will almost certainly be finding it hard to keep up and meet the grade.

You will find that most of the course is focused on the quality of the report and not so much on the complexity of the code though it does help.

If you feel unsupported by your tutor I would take it up with the college.

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