IColumnsRowset or BASE TABLE Info?

06-05-2002, 03:13 PM
I have to deal with a disconnected recordset from a table that does not have a unique key. I am able to make modifications to the recordset and send it back to the server for an UpdateBatch call without problems.

However, once I DELETE or INSERT on that recordset, and reconnect it to the connection source (Server)... I call the UpdateBatch method and I get an error "Insufficient Key Column Information for Updating or Refreshing".

I've looked this up, and apparently it is caused from an Inner Join on the original query for the recordset. That is the case with this.

However, I've read in various places on the Internet that this is a fairly easy thing to overcome by re-supplying the Base Table information (3 or 4 properties), using the IColumnsRowset method.

It is quoted as "IColumnsRowset:GetAvailableColumns"... and there are various hybrids of that. It sounds great... but how would I do this in Visual Basic? Anyone have any ideas or samples?

Help is greatly appreciated!

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