VB nigh nonsensical

02-27-2008, 02:49 PM
Okay, I am creating a very simple program with VB 6. First, an explanation of what it does. Right now, it is a grid of 9x9 squares. They start off green. One goes red, one goes bright green. The red one has a chance of making squares adjacent to it red. When the bright green square is touched by a red square, it spreads to all adjacent red squares.

All of this was working fine. I added a completely separate part of the program in a new subroutine. I changed nothing in the rest of the program. Suddenly, it stops working. The bright green square spreads properly. However, the red squares only seem to get a chance to spread ONCE; that is, the first time they are called to spread is the only time they will do so. Eventually, it will stop altogether. I then removed all the new code, leaving me with the exact same thing I had before, but the problem persists.

I have no backups; I thought I was creating them but saving a new project apparently still accesses the same form. GAH!

I have attached a working compiled exe I made earlier as well as the full project. It is rather simplistic and short, so I hope the commentary is sufficient. All the stuff marked as 'test' is just stuff I'm removing later, should still be in there now.

Thanks for your time.

I removed the attachment, as we don't allow attachments with executables. Ref the ***. Please rebuild the ZIP file (Note: be SURE to include any .frm, .bas, .frx, .cls, or other project files in the ZIP, as only the project file, which by itself is useless, was included) and edit the post in advanced mode to re-attach the zip file.

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