UserForm Error with Chinese XP/EXCEL only

09-04-2008, 03:58 AM
Hello Experts,

my EXCEL VBA application is running w/o any problems on computers with various country settings but on a chinese computer there is an error message when the UserForm (for editing data) is called.

The source is protected (and shall stay protectetd) but the user is fare away. Following the debugger would make it easy to trace the problem of course.

Are there any wellknown/typical complications with Chinese systems?
Can I "simulate" Chinese conditions on my PC? E.g. just install XP and EXCEL with Chinese country settings?



09-04-2008, 07:10 PM
I program on a Japanese build of windows. I usually have no need to specify special settings.

The closest you can come to a foreign build of windows for testing purpose without a Chinese build of windows/office is:
Control Panel -> (localization and language settings or something -- looks like a globe)
There under language, I think, there should be an option for east asian languages. Install them.
Then, under detailed settings or something, you can select "Chinese" as the environment setting or something. (i.e. apps that support Chinese should function properly?)
Restart your computer.

Another option is to add an on error resume next and then add a custom message box after each if statement. i.e. "error on line ___"

Maybe that will help you a little.

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