Mailing Lists?

07-07-2002, 11:10 AM

I've got a client that expressed his interest in a mailing list (via his website). Although i've never worked with a web-based mailing list before, I think this is something I might be able to offer him. Currently, the way i'm thinking I can do it is using an Access Database and an email component called ASPEmail that we have access to. However, i'm not sure if this is the most efficient way. Does anyone know of a better way to do a web-based mailing list system, or have links to a pre-built one? Thanks in advance.


07-07-2002, 11:17 AM
Essentially, yeah... that's it. You'd have the clients sign up via a form on the site. Then, have an ASP script insert the client's information from the form into an access database.

You can then send out the emails in a number of ways. You could make a VB application to do it or have an ASP script do it (with CDONTS or a third party component like ASPEmail). But, obviously, you want it so that the email is typed in one time and then sent out to everybody on the list at the click of a single button.

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