Invalid or Unqualified Reference Error

07-31-2002, 12:40 PM
Below is my code

<!--#include virtual="/core/classes/dbpaging.asp" -->
<!--#include virtual="/core/modules/common.asp" -->

set t = new dbpaging
call t.set_table_name("catalogCategories")
call t.set_sqlString("SELECT catId, des FROM catalogCategories ORDER BY des")
call t.set_recordsDisplayed(15)
numPages = t.calculate_totalPages()


set myD = t.get_page()

c = 1
do until c = myD.Count
.setVariable "FIELD1", myD(c)("catId")
.setVariable "FIELD2", myD(c)("des")

c = c + 1

I am getting an "Invalid or Unqualified Reference" error on the line that reads.
.setVariable "FIELD1", myD(c)("catId")

any ideas?

I have checked out MSDN, but it states
You attempted to use the With statement on something other than an object. The With statement can only be used with non-null object values. The following demonstrates the correct structure of a With block.

07-31-2002, 12:50 PM
you can do this...

t.setVariable "FIELD1", myD(c)("catId")
t.setVariable "FIELD2", myD(c)("des")

or this....

with t
.setVariable "FIELD1", myD(c)("catId")
.setVariable "FIELD2", myD(c)("des")
end with

Assuming that t is what you ment to use.

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