Email Reporting [Urgent]

08-08-2002, 11:12 AM
Today i was handed the assignment of creating a small program that would let me send out emails using a mailinglist. I need to create a program that allows sending of HTML emails, these are advertisment emails for special offers our customers might be intrested in (not spam).

For example we might be selling 5 products; lets assume an XBOX, PS2 and GameCube console, within the emails their will links that give the user more information regarding the product.

Now this one email may be sent to over 6000 customers, i need a way that so when the user clicks on a certain product link within the email (i.e. xbox) it will automatically goto a cgi script (or ASP Script) and log what the user clicked for that link.

It will add this information to a database or a simple text file. The information it will parse will be :

- Their email address
- Time / Date
- Which Link (Or Value)

Basically just a way to know what our customers are intrested.

Obviously once the web script has processed their selection it must then be capable of redirecting them to the website of their choice (ie the XBOX Product page). This is similar to what spam email does i think.

Anyone give me more information on how to go about creating a script and the best way to approuch this project? i am new to this CGI / ASP Stuff! The actual reporting application and the email code will be easy, but its how to process the links the user clicks within the email, and how to get their email address, etc thats causing problems.

I have some rough ideas of how to go about this:

When my program sends out emails to the users in the mailinglist it will make create a unique link for each email. Can anyone provide any code or more information on how i should tackle this?

BIG Thanks in advance!

- Dave

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