Frequently asked Interface Design questions

03-06-2003, 08:40 AM
1. How do I make a custom-shaped or skinnable form/control?
Using custom window regions. See here (,0010,01/)

2. How do I make [control] transparent?
This involves subclassing. See here (,0071,01/) for an example with a textbox.

3. How do I create a scrollable form?
This is a really bad idea, the best solution is to redesign your interface. You might consider using some kind of tab control to separate your interface into smaller sections.

4. How do I make it so that when someone resizes the form the controls resize to fit?
You need to either buy a sizing control (eg SizerOne ( or put code in the Resize event of the form which resizes and moves all the controls to their new positions. Use the form properties ScaleWidth and ScaleHeight for positioning.

5. How do I set a minimum/maximum size the form can be resized to?
This involves subclassing. You need to catch the WM_GETMINMAXINFO message. Example here (

6. How do I disable the form close button in the top right corner?
See here (

7. Where can I find icons/icon editors?
We have a whole thread full of them. Find it here (

8. I'm looking for a control that does....

9. How do I make my interface use XP visual styles?
If you're using Windows XP, then look here (
To make an XP-like interface in some other OS, you would have to draw/skin the controls manually.

10. How do I create a ToolWindow, or MDI Child that shows above all my other MDI Child Windows?

11. How do i Create a docked ToolWindow like the ones in the Visual Basic IDE?

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