How To Make Use Of GetDayBold Event For Retrieved Dates From Access Database?

03-25-2003, 02:39 AM
I'm doin a date reminder software using vb6. i'm using access database to store reminders. i have a calendar in display (monthview). If there is a reminder on that day, i want the date to be displayed bold on the calendar.

I tried using DayBold property but i realised that it will only bold the days which are visible(in view) on the calendar. So i got to know about GetDayBold event which is used to set the boldness of days as they are brought into view. But i am not sure how to get it work for my situation even though i tried to.

Does anyone know how to make use of the getdaybold event of monthview control to bold the dates retrieved from the database?

This is how i retrieve the stored date from the database.

strSelect = "SELECT * FROM remind " 'select statement
lngRemindSelect = ExecuteSelectQuery(strSelect, retrieved()) ' retrieved variables from strSelect

For Row = 0 To lngRemindSelect - 1 ' from 1st to last row in the remind table in database

SelectedDate = ConvertToString(retrieved(1, Row)) 'setting all the date values in Column 1 to variable SelectedDate

Next Row

Thanks in advance.


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