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Mission Statement
This Forum exists to promote the personal and professional development of its members. We believe that this development stands on three legs. (a) Programming Skill, (b) Social Skills and (c) Ethical Behaviour. As such, we promote programming skills by exchanging code, knowledge, and ideas. We promote social skills by posting in a polite and tolerant manner. We keep our sense of humour and avoid flames. We promote ethics by encouraging honest interaction and by refusing to engage in or support software piracy, malicious code or other illegal activity.

Posting Guidelines
The following are some general guidelines to follow when making a post.
  1. The Moderator staff has the final word on all interpretation and implementation of forum rules and guidelines. Questions about specific actions may be sent by Private Message, but no public forum posts arguing these decisions should be made.

  2. No posts requesting help with or in aid of game or website cheats/bots, virus or trojan creation, or other malicious code. This includes posts about disabling Ctrl+Alt+Del, Alt+Tab or overriding/replacing other core Windows or Internet website security features. The offending post will be removed (and the poster may be banned).

  3. Keep it legal. No posts in aid of pirating intellectual property, pyramid scams, phone freaking or other illegal activities will be tolerated. Since this site has an international following and since what is considered illegal can vary from country to country, the moderators will decide if a post is acceptable or not.

  4. No pornography or adult content (defined, but not limited to, nudity, sexually explicit material, or innuendo)

  5. Keep it civil. Do not insult or disparage any member. If you have a problem with another member or moderator, send a private message to him/her.

  6. No homework assignments. Specific questions about parts of the assignment are permitted, but don't expect us to do your entire assignment for you. It is also permitted to ask for advice on getting started, or for general algorithms (pseudocode).

  7. No large-scale or entire project code requests. We do not write software to order. The code and assistance provided to you will normally be in proportion to the effort shown on your own part. As with homework, do not ask us to do your work for you.

  8. No Spam. This is such a basic rule of netiquette we shouldn't have to say it, but here it is. No advertising, no promoting of websites or products, EXCEPT as a reply to a particular post where the website or product is relevant. No recruitment, either amateur or professional. Also, if linking or referring to another site that has specific information, please link directly to the relevant page/thread and do not just send someone to the main page.

  9. Posts should be posted in the proper forum. While the General forum gets the most traffic, the specific forums are read by users best able to help you. If you feel that a post really belongs in the general forum, you can post it there, but if we disagree, we will move it.

  10. Keep it clear. It's very easy to misinterpret what people are saying via e-mail because you can't see the body language or hear the inflections. Therefore, we should all ensure that our posts are as clear as possible. Also, bear in mind that this forum has global scope so we have to be tolerant of those for whom English is not their first language.

  11. Attachments should be less than 2Mb in size, so use a zip utility to compress them to a .zip file.

    Attaching or directly linking to EXE, DLL, OCX or other compiled executable or un-viewable files is strictly forbidden. This rule includes MS Office VBA projects (macros), which must be unlocked and viewable by default. Any code files not readable as default must be submitted as source code text instead.

    Moderators will endeavor to remove attachments which they have observed to be in breach of these rules, however no liability will be accepted for any downloads from this site. Please exercise caution and common sense when downloading files from the internet.

  12. Keep it on topic. Posts that have nothing to do with VB or programming or computers are discouraged. The occasional post may be tolerated but we'd like to keep the focus of this forum directed at VB.

  13. Post your code. If you have a question about why your program crashes, include a complete description of the error as well as the code where the program crashed. You may not have to post your entire code base, just the relevant parts.

  14. Read the whole thread before posting. The question may already have been answered. In that case, do not post unless you can add a different or better solution or a correction to the previous post. When answering a post, try to post accurate and complete information to the best of your ability. If you don't know, then don't post. If you have a suggestion but are unsure of its accuracy, please include a disclaimer.

    Our policy against homework and code handouts applies to those answering threads too. If you have a code sample that you feel is relevant to the question, first determine whether it is something that the thread starter could/should be able to do on his/her own with just some pseudocode and a hint in the right direction. We want to help members learn, not supply them with snippets to paste blindly. If you do post code, comment it so that its use is clear.

  15. Threads that have been inactive (no new posts) for one month or more should be considered archive-only and should be left alone (except by the thread starter). In some cases it may be acceptable to reopen a thread but the moderators have the final say. If your question is similar to another one add a link in your thread back to the older one and explain the relevance to yours.

  16. If you have posted a question, and your problem has been solved either by another poster, or on your own, then please post a message saying that the issue has been resolved.

  17. No duplicate threads. Post your question once, in one thread, in one board only. You will get a reply if you have observed guideline 9 and if someone knows the answer, but it may not happen straight away. Duplicating often dilutes the volume and quality of any responses you receive, and potential respondents may not reply to a duplicate knowing that a moderator will delete all but one of them. If you wish to clarify your question, do so in a reply to the original thread. This action will 'bump' your thread to the top of the thread stack. Empty 'bumps' are discouraged and threads 'bumped' in this way within 24 hours of the original post will be deleted.

  18. Avatars and signatures are a privilege here and not a right. Use these guidelines in deciding if you should use a particular avatar/signature or not. Appropriate avatars/signatures should avoid pornographic, graphically violent, or disturbing subjects; insults to an ethnic, religious, or national group of people; an attempt to impersonate someone else or one of the official forum recognitions; and anything that overly distracts attention from posts (including flashy animation or long/large/colorful signatures). No block level vB code tags (e.g. [code], [quote], [vb], [php]) are allowed in signatures, and signatures should be no larger than 3 or 4 lines.

  19. Multiple registrations are not permitted for any reason. If you have trouble accessing your account, you may PM an administrator for assistance.

  20. The Admins/Moderators have final judgement over any post/avatar/signature. Posts/avatars/signatures that violate the above guidelines may be moved, edited or deleted without notice. Most of the time, you will be notified by Private Message with an explanation of judgments or actions. You may privately request further explanation, but arguing with the decision will not be tolerated. Posters who violate the guidelines may be banned, depending upon the infraction and prior history. This can also be without notice, but in most cases, a warning will be issued.

User Titles and Status
Currently, the post-count based user titles are like this:
  • Newcomer 1-24 posts
  • Freshman 25-49 posts
  • Regular 50-99 posts
  • Centurion 100-199 posts
  • Junior Contributor 200-399 posts
  • Contributor 400-799 posts
  • Senior Contributor 800-1599 posts
  • Custom Title 1600+ posts

That's the way it currently stands. However, since there were many people who are quite competent at VB, the moderators decided that there should be some way to identify them. It was decided that the users who were competant in at least one aspect of Visual Basic were given an orange * Expert * tag. The users who were pretty good at all or most aspects of VB were given the purple * Guru * tag. That's the way it has been for quite some time.

There is now a Leader status, which was added to take the leader responsibilities off of the Experts and Gurus. Here is a list of all the current forum statuses you can obtain, and pointers on how to obtain them. Please, follow these pointers, but don't PM the leaders asking if you can have a tag. That just decreases your chances.

Skill-Based Status

* Expert *
This status is given to users who display competence at the concepts of Visual Basic, and participate regularly in the forum, helping users as well as learning themselves.

* Guru *
This status is given to users who display a great deal of knowledge in most or all Visual Basic areas. Users who get in this group usually spend a great deal of time learning about many of the complex areas of VB.

Leadership Status

Forum Leader
This status is not so much related to knowledge of VB, as it is to users' people skills and attitude. Users in this group have shown trustworthiness and a good attitude toward the forum and its users.

Super Moderator
This status is given usually to users already in the Leaders group. Since this is the case, there are not a lot of new moderators entering this stage. Also, although it is not "official," users will probably need to be at least 18 or 19 in order to get here.

These guys make it happen. They are all-powerful beings, with a lot of responsibility on their hands. Not many users get here, and the ones that do are truly elite. Moderators who demonstrate trust, good attitude, and are very well liked and well respected might be asked to join the red ranks.

Remember, people who post random useless stuff just to increase their post counts only attract negative attention, it could lead to appointment in the Restricted group, or worse. Please note that posts in the Random Thoughts forum do not contribute toward your post count.

How To Participate Here Effectively

Here at XtremeVBTalk we've started a collection of posts that recommend ways to get your questions answered in a timely and professional manner. This thread lists many of the things that can help attract expert eyes to your threads. Obviously not all questions are answered immediately, but following this advice can only help your chances.

How To Participate Here Effectively

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