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thewallrus 02-19-2012 10:01 PM

declaring standard dll's in vb6
Hi, I am trying to call a .NET dll in VB6, and I am getting a "Cannot find entry point" error. I've got something like this:

Private Declare Function GetJunk Lib "C:\location\net.dll" (ByVal mystuff as string) as integer

Private Sub dostuff ()
Dim result as integer
result = GetJunk("Burrito")
End Sub

Unfortunately I cannot recreate the DLL.

1st question) Is the problem with the function name GetJunk at the declaration? Or is it the way that I call the GetJunk funtion in the sub?

2nd Question) What if when the dll was created there are two funcitons of the same name but under two different classes? There isn't a way to tell the declartion that this function comes from a certain class?

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